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"Responsive, thorough. Ability to see the bigger picture to value add on projects above and beyond expectations."

- Jeff Dermann, Digital Manager

The Challenge

These guys had the challenge of dealing with an existing legacy system that was quickly coming to the end of its lifecycle. They needed a smart, intelligent email marketing platform that could work with that ageing legacy platform. We needed to come up with a solution that would rescue the situation without blowing their budget. 


And we did!


The Background


IBM Watson had been chosen as a solution before we were contacted. We reviewed that decision and quickly started to find additional challenges our client was not yet aware of. By understanding clearly what our client wanted, we were able to offer a better solution from a variety of products available at the time.

This new suggestion became an important turning point for our clients, who started to feel more optimistic about the final results. However, what really hit home for them, was that we significantly slashed their intended budget by 60% while delivering something that more than doubled their initial expectations.


The Goal

The overall goal was to Implement a new email marketing platform that could be integrated into their existing legacy system, but with allowances for future upgrades, especially given that the old system was going to be replaced soon.

We also had to provide a solution that came in under budget, which was tough because they had been sold on the “bigger is always the better” type of arrangement. Something like this is often fraught with danger because you've got a salesperson telling you, “Hey, we think you should do this because our product does this and does this and also that...” 

We had to draw our client’s attention away from preconceived ideas that were based on good sales pitches. Help them to see that certain bells and whistles weren’t actually necessary and that they would be paying for something they simply didn’t need. We needed to shift their focus to what was really important, an email marketing delivery platform. 

We also needed to help them understand that certain implementation costs had been overlooked with the previous solutions, which would have resulted in a budget blow-out.

The Solution

Naturally, we set about identifying all of the outcomes and requirements. We listed out all of the current automations they had within their existing systems that were providing email automation. 

Next, we had to introduce some changes in the way they did things. Instead of emailing to their incredibly large member base, which was also pushing their servers to the limits, we successfully implemented a strategy where members were engaged when they were ready to be engaged.

The other interesting thing we noticed was that a lot of their efforts were spent trying to re-engage disengaged members. This practice ignored the 20 or so percent of people who were engaged but were not buying. So, those who did click on the website to read the emails but were not buying anything were probably the lowest hanging fruit. 

Moving them from being engaged but not buying to engaged and purchasing is a lot easier than moving a disengaged member over to purchasing. Still with us? Good!

In the end, all of this had to be discussed before we actually decided on what technology to use. Because if they just wanted to send email blasts out they could have done that through MailChimp or a similar platform.

Overall, there were several additional matters that required addressing, too many to note down here. However, the important outcome was that we did take the necessary time to understand where everything was going and was able to successfully implement a strategy that produced the right results.


The Result

The outcome we got was a company that now has the ability to do things they didn't know existed before. Their members are more engaged than ever before, and our client is now able to focus on the ones that are actually engaged and will purchase something if provided with a little more information. 

The solution worked flawlessly with the existing legacy system once properly integrated. It provided them with a platform that didn’t cost the world but performed at exactly the level required without paying for additional features that offered little to no benefit for them. That also resulted in a significant saving on the proposed budget. You bet someone high up was happy about that!

Products | Skills Required


Team Skills:

  • Consulting

  • Software Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Development / Integration

  • Configuration

  • Business Analysis


Technology Used:

  • ActiveCampaign

  • SQL

  • REST API integrations