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We were engaged to evaluate the current legacy automated marketing system of a Travel Company based in Queensland, Australia and investigate possible replacements.


Client Industry: Vacation Ownership

Location: Australia, NZ and Asia

Budget: Approx $50k

Timeframe: 6 months

Skills: Consulting, Project Management, Integration, Email Automation

Technology: Active Campaign, SQL, APIs


Between many options, the client was considering partnering with one of the biggest CRMs on the market, costing around 350 to 500k.


We conducted a study of a group of software vendors and balanced features against requirements. This resulted in the client implementing at a lower cost, with a rapid setup but fewer features that were targeted towards the client's needs.


We managed to save approximately 300k on the cost of the project, recommending a CRM that was under 100k per year. The software was implemented in 3 months instead of 18.

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