Rapid development, prioritising business needs

We were engaged to prototype a green-fields cloud-based web application for a startup endeavour based in Philadelphia, USA.


Client Industry: Hospitality

Location: Philadelphia, USA

Budget: Approx $100k

Timeframe: 6 months

Skills: Consulting, Project Management, Integration, Prototype App

Technology: SQL and APIs


Create a prototype that links diners with food preferences and dietary requirements to restaurants and caterers, reducing waste and ensuring food safety.


We prototyped an app that allowed users to sign up, create their dietary profile and share this with restaurants and caterers. This was built rapidly, prioritising key features, in order to meet investment rounds.


From the prototype, the client got investment (over $1.5m) and now has over 1,750 users. The client is managing dietary requirements for events up to 400 people.

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