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"Tired of using cumbersome Practice Management Software in our clinics, we needed something that was faster and more efficient, while also providing us with a robust clinic management platform in real-time that was also patient-focused. Teamscāl delivered exactly what we required."


- Allied Health

The Challenge

We were asked to build a full software platform that would function in real-time for future subscriber-based users. A significant amount of R&D was required because the existing technology for certain features was very limited, and something better had to be designed and built. 


We also had to build and assemble a dedicated team for this project, which eventually involved personnel from four different countries where English was often a second language.


This created communication challenges between the relevant teams, which also had to be overcome through improved infrastructure and processes. However, despite the myriad of challenges this project threw at us, a winning product was delivered.

The Background


Hippocamp is a Patient Management System for Allied Health practices based in Australia. A significantly improved platform that operated in real-time and improved the efficiency of managing patients was required, while also allowing physicians from various clinics to communicate effectively on a patient-to-patient basis. 

Initially, we were engaged to provide back-end software development and testing resources for a period of two years. As we became more involved, it became very clear to our client that a lot more was required, and we answered the call. 


Partnering with key resource providers in the Philippines and Vietnam, we were able to help Hippocamp scale to create a proof of concept product, before eventually moving on to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for release on the market.


Working with an Australian design team, and our international resources, a working prototype was built in just 3 months. More funding was raised and construction started on the MVP. Over the following two years, the project ebbed and flowed as more priority needs were identified and included along the way.


The Goal

The primary goal was to build a product that involved merging functionality from existing software platforms on the market and improve the workflow to bring real changes to patient outcomes across several collaborating clinics. 

We faced several difficult tasks in separating a long list of non-critical features from the core scope in order to produce a functioning prototype for real-time testing.

A design team was provided by the client to ensure each group was able to communicate effectively throughout the duration of this project.

The Solution

The final outcomes depended very much on software design and architecture, project management and strenuous end-to-end user testing. Once the basic infrastructure was set up, we were able to build a working prototype in just three months. 

Over the course of the following two years, we had to scale our Dev-ops accordingly as demands ebbed and flowed. The implementation of a more robust and agile infrastructure from the beginning helped to maintain continuity throughout the many phases of development.

Cross-cultural platforms were implemented to accommodate teams we had in different countries and constantly refined processes allowed for a smoother transition from one phase to the next.

A strong project management system was vital to the overall progress of development where multiple avenues had to be maintained, controlled and channelled towards a satisfactory completion.

Communication was a major component, constant open lines of communication between the various working parties had to remain productive while also being carefully managed.

Research and development (R&D) for specific features was also a vital part of the success of this product. Dedicated devs would work closely with the CTO in order to produce suitable outcomes to complex problems before something could be implemented into the product itself. This was always done on a prototype platform version of the real thing.


The Result

Hippocamp was released and production support was handed over to their internal team. The software was completely cloud-based and developed using the latest PHP, Laravel, and MySQL at the time, and deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for production.

The final product allowed the client to attract additional funding to support on-going development, maintenance and of course funding marketing and advertising to sell the product on the open market.

Products | Skills Required


Team Skills:

  • Project Management

  • Design Management

  • Software Architecture

  • Development / Integration

  • Configuration

  • End-to-end user testing


Technology Used:

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • MySQL

  • AWS

  • InVision

  • HTML5 / CSS

  • Customised AJAX & JSON