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“We have established a great working relationship with Teamscal and we’re grateful for their immense dedication in helping us build our brand. They have been across all aspects of marketing since day one and we are extremely satisfied with the outcome. We appreciate their patience and we are beyond thankful for all their brilliant inputs.”


- Mari Borromeo, General Manager at ProSource

The Challenge

ProSource has been on the market since 2019, supporting business growth around Australia. They provide personnel to carry out multiple HR tasks such as recruitment, training, performance, absence management, outsourcing, and finance.


Experiencing challenges in generating brand awareness, ProSource invited our team to rethink their marketing strategy in order to create a new brand, new website and business core values. They wanted to move from a darker, more formal business appearance to a brand that was clear, bright and more innovative. 


We accepted the challenge and invite you to read more about how we achieved this creative process.


The Background


While the client was initially requesting just a new logo, the management team was also restructuring their service portfolio. So, before we started working on branding, we made a deep dive into the core of their business to understand and find ways to reinforce. We updated their mission statements and values; and used them as a basis to make sure we were covering the competitive advantage in order to help ProSource stand out in the crowd.


The Goal

Introduce a new logo to represent the new transformations, and to coincide with a brand new website that would enhance ProSource’s online presence. To ensure that they are, once again, competitive in a challenging environment.

The Solution

ProSource has a very dynamic team, and it was essential for them to be more independent in maintaining their website after the launch. However, their marketing team had little to no technical skills in WordPress or any other website platform. 

With this in mind, instead of our team offering the best platform option on the market to build a new site, we considered creating their website using Wix, an easy to use and flexible website platform that requires no code. An environment like this was a lot less intimidating for our client and it really encouraged them to get more involved in the process.


The Result

The logo:

The new icon reminds people of ongoing togetherness while alluding to a process of transformation. This symbol was created to represent the magical connection people create during stages of development. For us, it’s a symbol of transformation.
The typography used was ‘Telegraf’; readable, stylish and formal at the same time.









The website:

We listened to their clients to gain inspiration for reshaping ProSource's website. With an inbound strategy, we filled the website with relevant content that would empower the business in the field of outsourcing.

We also created significant content that aligned with an SEO strategy to address and further improve Prosource’s initial problem regarding brand awareness, helping to increase discovery online.

Considering ProSource will be responsible for further updates on the website, we provided various elements of training to ProSource's team, helping them feel more confident and independent with their website.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

ProSource Old Logo.jpg

Products | Skills Required


Team Skills:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Design

  • UX and Web developer

  • SEO

  • Copywriting


Technology Used:

  • Photoshop

  • Wix