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“We were looking to build an innovative product with a creative, lean, and responsive partner. We discovered Teamscāl. From day one, the Teamscāl approach has resulted in rapid, timely, and quality delivery, starting with quick and creative prototyping, to help create a market-validating MVP, which allowed us to raise capital and bring a full product to market.

Dineable is now scaling up and is proof-positive on the promise implied by the name: “Partner with a great product team that can get you to market and help you scale.”


- Mark Surkin, CEO

The Challenge

Over the past decade, we’ve helped many companies scale up their technology to become bolder, faster, and smarter in an ever-challenging world of doing business. In that time, clients have moved from having an idea to prototyping, and then to building a full-scale product to release on the open market, each time with success. 


Bolstered by a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we work hard on making sure our client’s desires match the end results and help to onboard the right team in the most effective way. 


The Background


We met with entrepreneur Mark Surkin, CEO of Dineable, who was seeking a suitable partner for a very unique and exciting idea. 


Mark required an App that connected people directly with the food industry to provide improved and safer catering opportunities.


A prototype product was discussed, a team was assembled and the project was underway. When the prototype was ready for live testing, testing helped the Dineable team understand just which functions were important, and which ones to discard. This analysis was very important for Mark and his team, in understanding the clear direction Dineable needed to take. It led to some innovation that paved the way for a successful product that has since been successfully delivered to the open market and growing in popularity.


Dineable offers a unique app that brings people together, wherever they may be in a virtual catering format. By simply selecting the desired food from an extensive menu option, one can arrange for snacks, beverages, and full meals to be delivered to the door in time for any type of event.


Reaching this stage required innovation, cutting-edge technology, and bold leadership. We provided all of this, and more as we assembled the right team of people to listen, understand and build the product according to Dineable’s overall strategy.


The Goal

The goal was to create a prototype mobile App linking potential diners with food preferences and dietary requirements, directly to restaurants and caterers as a way to pre-order. The app needed to help reduce waste while also ensuring food safety before delivery, whether to the table or to an external location. 


This prototype was important for a variety of reasons such as understanding exactly which features would be beneficial to the final product. How the final App should function, and equally as important, to assist in attracting further funding from potential investors. 

Additionally, Dineable required a team of professionals who were capable of understanding all of the initial requirements, provide technical leadership and scalability required to build a suitable product.

The Solution

To build a prototype app in order to assess all of the moving parts. The use of this prototype allowed the client to understand what features were important to keep or add, and what became obsolete. 


With an improved prototype, the client was able to scale up to a market-validating minimum viable product (MVP) that could be used to secure the required capital funding. This allowed for a full-scale product to be developed, and subsequently launched on the open market with immediate success. 


The Result

Dineable has continued to grow and evolve through the on-going technical support of Teamscāl. The development team has scaled at different times to match the business outcomes, and remains an integral part of the App’s on-going success.


Dineable has experienced significant market growth across the US, bringing people together through improved virtual catering in the midst of a global pandemic.

Products | Skills Required


Team Skills:

  • Software Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Development

  • Prototyping

  • Business Analysis


Technology Used:

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • MySQL

  • AWS