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Open roles

Full Stack PHP Developer

We are looking for a developer to become a pivotal part of rebuilding a web app project from an existing proto-production version. This travel-based product is already in production through Australia and will be expanding to other territories as well as bringing in new and exciting industries.

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About us

We are Teamscāl (pr. Team-scale) – Our talented people are what makes the difference. It's when we share our ideas, knowledge and experiences, that we become a scalable team for our clients.

Clients usually engage us in one of three ways:

1- Before starting a project: 
Teamscāl will help their client make sure the desired solution will match the business outcomes, and help to find the right team in the most effective way.

​2- Fixing an existing project:
Teamscāl has often been contracted to fix the relationship between the client and another company, to improve the results, and stop further delays or more delivery failures.

3- Working with Australian Companies:
Teamscāl has also worked directly with partners around the world, who have had Australian clients, and provided local representation in the form of workshops, discovery sessions and other tech-related consultancies.

We believe that utilising the right technology is an effective way to solve business problems.


Year Established


of our time spent on innovation

Tech Agnostic

Specialised in Cloud Based Solutions

Why Choose Teamscāl?

We use the most modern cloud-based architecture, latest tools and teaches how to work like an international professional. We get to build or work on cool products with companies around the world.


Learning how to apply strong customer service means you become a superstar in this industry. We help you understand this, and how it can help improve your career.


We feel it’s possible to make any system stable and manageable, while also looking for any potential improvements that can increase business value and improve customer or internal staff service levels. We need your skills to make people happy.


We are serious about the quality of service and delivery. We make sure that we find the best solution for every case. Sometimes, the ‘correct’ option may not always be the best option. However, Teamscal’s many years of international experience can help take technology towards improved results, and we want you to join us on this exciting journey.


Will you come to join us and enjoy the benefits everyone in our team is getting?

Our way of working

We are always there to help our clients get existing projects running on-track.


While some clients have their own providers, we offer extra assistance to make sure all teams are working efficiently, with transparent communication. We make sure everyone understands what needs to happen and get it done correctly. 


Teamscāl provides repeated opportunities for learning. The more you learn, the better you become in this industry, and the better it is for your family.


When connecting third parties, our values mean that we are always fair and assist our clients in finding the most suitable results, and implement the most appropriate solutions. 


There is so much satisfaction when a product is finished correctly, and delivered in a way that makes our clients happy. If you enjoy that feeling, then talk to us!

​Learn with experts

Michael Lobb

Managing Director

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The Problem Solver at Teamscāl. He is passionate about turning new ideas into reality when it comes to technology.


With experience in many sectors - including finance, healthcare, travel, local and federal government and technology - his goal is to add business value to your technology investment.


Aside from that, you can talk with him about music, his dogs and Japanese whiskeys. Michael is always an approachable guy who respects people from everywhere.

Nayara Tanin

Head of Marketing

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

End to end marketing strategist. Nayara has more than a decade of experience specializing in inbound marketing, data analysis through social media, paid ads and promotional campaigns.

She believes in the power of data to deliver campaigns with empathy and personalisation on a large scale to her clients.

She loves talking! The subject could include your business strategy, social responsibility on digital ads or her progress on aerial silk classes. Originally from Brazil, now living in Australia, Nayara has overcome many hurdles to be the confident, cheerful person she is today.

Joey Chen

Operations Manager

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With more than 7 years of experience in the technology field alone, Joey is an expert in Agile project management, business problem solving, prototyping solutions/ideas, WordPress & web UI support. 


Joey is our person to go to when you have an idea but aren’t sure how or where to start. She'll always find a way to make things happen.


She is great at providing tips on craft beers, homemade cocktails, red wine and specialty coffee. She has a smile that is contagious and a personality you just want to hang out with.

Tony Chen

Technical Manager

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Over the past 10 years, Tony has worked in many different projects with Australian, Japanese and Vietnamese companies. We like to say he has a strong focus on clean code and design, but he never forgets about the software performance and security perspective. 


His list of skill sets is long, but we can summarise the highlights with: expertise in PHP, .NET, SQL, React, Angular, Laravel (+ many more), Amazon Web Services practitioner, Rapid prototyping and Wrangling Jira.


Tony is grown from a shy and quiet young developer into a leader with the industry. 

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Teamwork - together we are winners!

For us, it's essential to be open-minded providers to make sure our clients are getting the best solution they are trying to implement.

What we want from you:


  • Super involved & well informed. 

We want to bring value as early as possible in our engagements.


  • Outstanding customer service attitude

We want our clients to be embedded and fully engaged in their project, and not just ‘the business’. They are part of the team.


  • “We’ve got this!”

Our priority goal is to build trust with our clients that will meet their expectations.

If you can relate to that, we would love to hear from you!

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